Merit Badges


Merit badges are an integral part of advancement for ranks above First Class. Merit badges are important for the Scout to learn new skills, to work outside the normal Troop meeting with an adult counselor, and to present what he has done. Some weekly meeting programs and most of the planned monthly outings include counselors and opportunities for working toward and passing off merit badge requirements. Prior and outside preparation is required. Requirements for earning merit badges include the following steps to be taken by the Scout:

  1. Get approval from the Scoutmaster prior to beginning work on a merit badge. This is done by obtaining a merit badge "blue card" and asking the Scoutmaster to sign it. He will advise you about possible merit badge counselors who are registered for the desired badge.
  2. Obtain the desired merit badge book and become familiar with the requirements of the badge. The Troop has a limited supply of merit badge books which may be checked out from the Troop Librarian. Some are old and out of date. Be sure to check the book date to ensure it is the current version. The US Scouts online MB resource is almost always current.
  3. With the advice and assistance of the Scoutmaster, find a merit badge counselor who is registered for the desired badge. To prevent embarrassment and misunderstanding, we request that a parent not sign a merit badge card as counselor for his own son.
  4. Before beginning any requirements for the badge, contact the assigned merit badge counselor to get his agreement to be your counselor and to get any instructions he may have for completion of requirements to his satisfaction.
  5. Successfully complete all the requirements to the satisfaction of the designated counselor and have the him sign and date the merit badge card.
  6. Present the completed merit badge card to the Advancement Chair for processing.

Merit Badge Counselors

If you have a talent, hobby, or skill to share with the troop, please consider signing up to be a Merit Badge Counselor. Our registrar or committee chair will have the necessary forms for you.

Being a MB counselor isn't difficult and does so much for the scouts. Merit Badge counselor training is provided in this PowerPoint style slideshow (in PDF format).


Last modified: October 20, 2010