Advancement is an integral part of the Scouting program which provides recognition for individual effort and accomplishment, as well as a measure of acquired proficiency in basic skills. Advancement is a three-part obligation of:
  1. The Scout to take the initiative and to work
  2. The parents to encourage excellence
  3. The adult leaders of the Troop to provide guidance and opportunity
Requirements for advancement are described in the Boy Scout Handbook and other Scout literature. Both Scout and parent should be thoroughly familiar with the requirements. The Scoutmaster, Advancement Chairman, and other adult leaders as well as the Scout leadership can answer questions about getting started on the "Eagle Trail."

Boards of Review


A Scout coming before an Advancement Board of Review should be thoroughly familiar with what was done for the rank applied for, including merit badge work completed for the rank. Prior to scheduling a board of review, a Scout must:
  1. Ensure that all rank advancement requirements have been completed.
  2. Ask the Scoutmaster for a "Scoutmaster Conference." It is advisable to give him at least a week's notice.
  3. Ask the Advancement Chairman to schedule a Board of Review for you. Again, provide at least a week's notice.


Requirements for a Scout appearing before a Board of Review are as follows:


Adults helping with running a board of review will find the Board of Review Questionnaire very useful.

Rank advancements will be presented as soon as practicable after being earned, approved, certified, and registered. They also will be recognized at the next Court of Honor.

Last modified: December 21, 2010